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FAQ ~ B2B Sales Program

What is a pilot?

The pilot segment is an evaluation tool to help the client company launch new products, jumpstart a new sales department, determine feasibility of having an inside sales department developed and most frequently – to get the pipeline filling with qualified prospects for continued sales opportunities.

Why does the quality of the data determine the results?  

Lead generation and appointment setting are much like gold prospecting.  As an example: If a “prospector” were digging in a hill where there was very little or no gold in the tons of dirt and rocks, the results would be greatly decreased no matter how much effort the prospector made.

What amount of qualifying is done before a lead is submitted?

The client company (you) determine how much “filtering” or screening of the lead is done before it is sent as a lead or before a sales appointment/demo is scheduled.

What types of appointments are set?

There are many options:  phone appointment, web conferences/demos, in person meetings at tradeshows or in one of the businesses’ offices.  When in person meetings are scheduled, typically the sales associate with whom the appointment is scheduled will do some follow up before the actual appointment time.

How is this B2B service different than standard call centers?

In a standard call center setting, junior callers are plugged into an automatic dialer or other device/system.  The results expectation is based on volume, rather than quality and most of these callers do not have any business experience or maturity, so their ability to rebuttal objections and persuade prospects is limited to tactics and the script.


How soon will we see results from the training/consulting?

This will depend greatly on how much the individuals and organization will commit to change. Long term and widespread  imbalances and obstacles take longer to purge from the work culture; isolated and recent issues are more easily resolved.

What if top management is part of the problem?

The challenge will be greater, but the increased productivity and improved harmony can still make a difference within the general body of the workplace. When it's a question of budgeting and financial decisions affecting the progress being made in the operational levels - the motivation of the management team is affected. Leadership, creative problem solving and team synergy become even more important.

What kind of follow up should we do?   As part of the training/consulting program - an implementation and follow up plan can be developed.

What kind of periodic training can we schedule?  As frequently as you deem necessary and feasible. These details can be worked out as part of the project proposal or as a separate project after the initial project is completed.

Is the consulting follow up available through email and other remote means?  Yes

Why is leadership training important to supervisors, mid and top management team members?  

Because the leadership benefits with their own productivity and job satisfactions, employees are your greatest asset, human resources is 80% of most organizations' budgets, turnover is expensive, the organization is either an asset or liability to the community based on the leadership style and employees' lives are affected by leadership style.