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Employee Relations


Employees and managers need consistency in carrying out the routine responsibilities.  Without recorded procedures and standards - poor reputation, wasted time, and costly discord will develop. 

A good procedure manual will provide a very beneficial tool for both managers and employees. By having written guidelines - the organization is insured for ongoing operations in general and in cases of unexpected absences or employee departures. 

During any reorganization, the current manual can be used as a working document for making necessary changes without starting over.

In developing a procedure manual, standard categories are referenced and then a customized index is developed through a thorough interview process.

The following components are essential for creating/maintaining a solid procedure manual: 

  • Organizational Chart
  • Customized chapters
  • Desk Manuals for each job descriptions
  • Forms and specific instructions

These are important interfaces with the entire organization 

  • Organizational Communications
  • Employee development program
  • Employee Relations policy manual
  • Performance Appraisal system
  • Competitive/equitable classification and pay structure